Sunday, November 4, 2012

Every Church has a Focus

Every church has a focus.  It's unrealistic to say that your church focuses on teaching the Word, AND worship, AND prayer.

Photo Credit: Majed sultan Ali
It's much more legit to say that your church worships, teaches the Word, serves the poor, but that it really focuses on prayer.  Or you acknowledge that your church prays, and worships, and teaches, but its real focus is on evangelism.  Whatever--just get it that every church does all the elements of church but generally has a primary focus.

So what is the focus at SGF?  We worship . . . sometimes with singing . . . and we promote worship events that happen around the city, but it's not a focus.  We teach the Bible . . .  occasionally . . . but mostly we subscribe to a handful of podcasts and read faith-building books and tell each other where to find good spiritual food.  We serve the poor . . . feebly . . . but it would be impossible to pretend that it's a focus.  We support missions . . . yeah, not so much as we'd like to.  So what IS the focus?

The foyer.  We're really good at the part of church where we say "Hey, how's that situation with your mom?" or "We need to connect with you--want to come for dinner sometime this week?" or "Hey, I'm feeling down--can you pray for me real quick?" and all the meaningful and meaningless chatter that happens in the church foyer.  Sure, we do all that other stuff that churches do, and Christ is at the center of all, but we're really focused on the foyer.

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