Sunday, September 30, 2012

Passion and Intention

Did you folks steward this weekend well? It's only "your weekend" inasmuch as your car is "your car" and your finances are "your" finances. In my mind, I am simply a steward of the time and money that the Lord puts into my hands. I don't have any sense that the Lord will micromanage you--how did you use this hour/day/month? --how did you spend that money? But there will be a day when the works of our hands, the time that we spent, and the money that we invested (or hid or squandered) will be accounted for. There will be a day of "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Friday we drove home from Portland to catch RAW at Eagle Mountain. Saturday evening we had neighbors over (I invited 10 neighbors for an Asian BBQ). Four households plus the Yatomis (thanks for supporting us, Ys!) came, and we invested some time building bridges of relationship with them.

This morning I came to the coffeeshop (I'm still here but heading home soon). No cool conversations to report. But I do feel good about the intentionality of my time. This is the sort of life I want to be leading: intentional, outward-focused, Kingdom-minded. 

Do we share this passion, you and I? What are you passionate about? Is it something I can support you on--I'd love to celebrate with you!

And I hope that you'll celebrate with me that I am living (intentionally and passionately) the lifestyle that I'm called to.

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