Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yesterday Anna put a doll chair in the cupboard for me to superglue.

She trusts that I can.

She hopes that I will.

When I tell her that I have repaired her doll chair, she has faith that it is repaired.  She doesn't need to see it--she knows that it's true without seeing.  Faith is the knowing without seeing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bethel Trip Notes

This isn't the testimony of God healing the guy's back and knee (sorry!).  Just notes about practicalities of travel.

We left from La Pine at 3:05 and arrived in Redding at 7:45 with nothing more than a couple of bathroom breaks.  We brought our camper (and earplugs) and camped in Redding RV Park next to I-5.  Two nights cost a total of $55 there.  Next time instead of hauling our camper down we'll rent one of the yurts from Premier RV Resorts (888-710-8450).  It'll be $50 a night but potentially more comfortable, less road noise, and more convenient.

Healing rooms open at 9:00 on Saturday (I think that's when they open--that's when we arrived and it was already going).  Treasure hunt gathered at 1:00.  Sunday service was at 8:30, and the Firestarters class was at 11:00.  Gas is more expensive in CA.  There's a Chevron on the north side of KFalls, but don't take the business loop--it takes you all OVER the place with no gas stations.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Third Reformation

Third Reformation
“In rediscovering the gospel of salvation by faith and grace alone, Luther started to reform the church through a reformation of theology.  In the 18th century through movements like the Moravians there was a recovery of a new intimacy with God, which led to the second reformation, a reformation of spirituality.  Now God is touching the wineskins themselves, initiating a Third Reformation, a reformation of structure.”

Wolfgang Simson (emphasis original)

Bonus Quote:
“Criminals do not mind if police officers spend most of their time in the precinct station having meetings and trainings—so long as they do not roam the streets doing their job.”

Lawrence Khong