Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ask a kid . . .

We asked our kids last night an important question: "What do you have to do to be Righteous in God's eyes?"

I'm curious what your kids would say.  Ask them and put their response in the comment field below?

Ours gave us responses that caused us to look at each other, not shocked but troubled. "Did you teach them that?"  "No.  Did you?" "No."  WHO?!

The older two kids both said "To be righteous in God's eyes, you have to obey God's laws."  The youngest kid asked what righteous was.

Who has been teaching our children that righteousness is built on obedient works?  That's the very thing we spend our adult energy trying to unlearn!  Our righteousness is based on faith--Relying on Jesus.  We don't get more righteous if we have Jesus + no stealing.  Neither Jesus + tithing nor Jesus + fasting is more righteous than just Jesus.

Ready for the hard inverse truth?  Faith-in-Jesus + adultery is not less righteous than just Jesus.

Can it sink in?  Can our kids learn that their own righteousness doesn't add to the glorious righteousness that faith in Jesus applies to us?