Sunday, March 6, 2011

Surfer Guy and Christianspeak

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be in a room with a whole bunch of Christians and one friend who doesn't already know the Lord.  My how we lingo!

The experience that the Christians were relating was very real and legitimate, but the expressions they were using were almost unintelligible to an outsider.  They were talking about the Holy Spirit invading their life and getting "whacked" with the power.  And the blood and the power of their testimony in spirit realms.  And so on.

Reminded me of this interview with a surfer guy.  I'm not in his community, and though I can see he's plainly excited about something going on, it's not communicating to me.

For a bonus, go see his interview remixed. It's fun! <grin>  (thanks Kira for the blog idea)

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