Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Chafing Yoke

Yokes tend to chafe if the one yoked (me) is trying to go sideways, too slow . . . or too fast.

Jesus was yoked to the Father, right?  Watch him do nothing without seeing first what the Father was doing.  How do we apply that to our lives, our yokes?  If we move too fast, the very activities and duties that we're doing in Christ's name . . . they chafe us, don't they?

The key to a light (chafeless) yoke is NOT about pulling as hard as I can to "please" the team-driver, but about going the right pace.  I have a growing suspicion that this right pace is quite a lot slower than most people suspect, and that it includes a lot more rest than most people take.

May your yoke rest easy, church!

Thanks to Mat Hudson for the Sermon Kernel!

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