Monday, May 21, 2012

Holding us to Account: Activating Faith

Dear SGF,
How have we "been church" this month?  I am responding to the Lord in this: I will keep us accountable to the activating of our faith. 

When I next see you, I mean to ask you in what ways we've been church this month.  By that I mean to ask two things: 1) how have we related together AND 2) how have we been His instruments/tools/lamps/witnesses . . . choose your metaphor--the question is the same.


I "been church" yesterday when I treated those 8 guys from Teen Challenge to a day of paintballing.  (They thought it was more fun than a kick in the pants!)  I'm hoping to go lead some devotionals there at Teen Challenge center this summer.

You all are connected to me, and so please grin a little knowing that--by extension--you blessed the Teen Challenge guys.  Imagine an aircraft carrier crew that cheers a successful mission: the crew cheers and says "look what WE did" even though the actual disabling of enemy fortifications was the work of a handful of fighter pilots.  The whole boat owns the actions of the few.  We cheer when WE have success!

If you tell me that this week you volunteered at the ____________, I'll grin a little, too, knowing that by being connected to you I've shared in that good work you've done.  Thanks for that.  A handful of us gathered last Tuesday and Wednesday nights and changed the heavenly atmosphere through prayer.  Y'all who didn't come to GoDeep can rejoice that the team you're a part of did this important thing.

If you had someone over for BBQ on purpose to develop relationship with them, I'd like to know about it, because that's something I was somehow part of.  When I worked with the Swordbearer youth (8-11) last Sunday, that's something that you also did--by extension--through me.  You did a good thing with those kids, BTW.  It was important.

Being a good mom, bringing home the phat paycheck, taking the kids to soccer practice . . . I would never dismiss those things as unimportant.  They're the first line of necessary!  If you feel like feeding and clothing your kids this week is something Christ enabled you to do, let's hear about it.  But if not-neglecting-your kids (or bringing home the paycheck) is normal behavior for you, then allow yourself to be called up to the next level.

If you've been struggling with ________ and had a breakthrough, or if you've been wanting to develop a discipline in your life and had some success, please share--we'd like to know that "we" had this success among us.  If you stood up for the name of Christ and bore witness, let your team know!


  1. I'm taking a couple of hours on this Memorial Day Monday to place myself in a coffee shop. I have some work to do for the school in Texas, but that's not what's most on my mind.

    I'm here intentionally. I bought "the next person who comes in and wants a chai/espresso--a house favorite named 'the dirty hippie'--I want to pre-buy their drink." That hasn't happened yet, but I'm sitting close enough to the counter that I can see who gets it and activate prayers for them.

    But here's the thing. My spirit is not waiting for that person. I find myself praying for all the people in here. I'm praying for the baristas. I'm praying for the hippie guy on his ipad. I'm doing my work, nibbling on my scone, and mumbling in tongues and my heart is full of joy and emotion. I know that's not worship music that Pandora is playing, but it sure is making my heart react as if it were.

    Do you hear me? I'm experiencing something this morning that I wouldn't have experienced at home. Not due to the difference between home and a coffee shop, either--it's because I'm here intentionally. I am experiencing unfair amount of joy.

    Later today we'll have people over for Memorial Day gaming and grilling. I'm ready to give out some copies of Bob Goff's Love Does. I'm halfway through and enjoying it--an easy read so far.

    I'm living my life intentionally. Are you? Will you share?

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