Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"The Church is going to church at the church."

The Church is a group of people (aka the Bride of Christ), but it's also something that we have/do when we convene ourselves and it's also a building: "The Church is going to church at the church."

We have no building (on purpose), so that one point is cleared up.  Easy.  We are a fellowship of home churches so we are properly using the term "Church" in that sense.  Got it.  But what about that third usage of the term?  The one where we "go to church" or "meet as a church"?   Hmmm.

I was talking with a friend last week who was excited to have invited a neighbor to her life group.  The neighbor had come and experienced God and was glad to return the following week.  That's cool!  Really cool--I like that.  To her, "life group," can refer to either the group or the meeting that the group creates, and in this case what my friend had invited her neighbor to was the meeting called "life group."

At this point I'm part of the Jellyfish home church.  I build my relationships intentionally with that group always in mind.  But we never "go" to Jellyfish, because we've never made Jellyfish something to go to.  And, after five months of being church, I find that I do, after all, need something to "go to."  A meeting, regardless of whether it's consistent or spontaneous, is an element that is different from the social "being church" and has been a missing ingredient from SGF these five months.

So let's have meetings.  Let's not call them "Jellyfish," though, because I want to keep the terms cleaner than that.  Jellyfish will meet to seek God.  These meetings will have a name.  Tonight we're trying on the name GoDeep: "Tonight Jellyfish is meeting to GoDeep."  We'll see if it sticks...

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