Friday, November 12, 2010

Submission Means No Lone-Rangering

Eph 5
What is my relationship with Christ?  I ask him, "Lord, I'd like to do this."  or "Lord, what do you think about this?"  I try not to move out ahead of his leadership.  If he says stop, I stop.  He is the head of me.  He is not the director of my every move.  He isn't my puppeteer.  But when he says stop, I stop immediately.  He doesn't have 51% of the company and my vote basically doesn't count.  And yet I willingly submit to him.  It's NOT 50-50 between him and me.  Sometimes he says something that doesn't make total sense to me, and I can say "I don't fully agree with that, but I trust that you have the right and best idea.  I trust YOU."

What is my relationship with my Pastor?  If he says jump, do I jump?  It's not like that.  And yet when he gives counsel, it would take MUCH weight on the other hand for me to disregard--I wouldn't disregard, try go against--his wisdom.  And that's not because I think he's such a wise guy, either, though he may be very wise indeed.  Because he is my pastor I am submitted to him.  I am interdependent, rather than independent, within the context of church. 

Having my wife submitted to me means that she never does lone ranger stuff.  It doesn't mean that I have 51% of the decisions or "veto power" over her.  When I am submitted to the Church or to Christ it means I am not lone rangering.  If I love my wife (and I do!) then I won't be out there making decisions without my teammate, and if she's submitted to me it will look similar on her part.  Submission is good when it's done right, but it's a topic that's easily twisted into evil.

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